Новые сервера Lineage 2
03 03 18

About Project

We do not pursue top positions. Our main task is to provide players with a very high quality product! Clear, honest and out. We wish that most of the players (all you will not please) had pleasant associations with our project, where any opening was with the words “I will definitely go there and call my friends!”.

03 03 18

Server Updates

  1. Adena rate changed to x30
  2. Drop rate changed to x30
  3. RaidBoss LvL 61+ DT (Dragon Token) Respawn changed to 9hour +-1hour
  4. A Grade Recipes 60% and 100% added to GmShop, you can buy them with FA (Festival Adena)
  5. S Grade Recipes 60% and 100% added to Vote Shop to play more easy
  6. .Menu is your mini community, there you can learn about sevrer features, new custom RaidBoss spawn location and time