Новые сервера Lineage 2

Alpha Server Rates:

Exp:  x50, Sp:  x50
Spoil:  x30, Drop:  x30
Adena:  x25, Seal Stones:  x15
Some Quests:  x10
Enchant is Official Style With No Limit
Safe +3, Over +15 chance is 35%

Custom NPC Buffer:

36 Slots for buff + Dance-Songs, 6 Slots for Debuff, Ready Scheme for Mystic, Warrior, Tank, Dagger, Archer, Support. All VIP Buffs Cost 1 Festival Adena (1FA) per Buff, Buff Duration 2 Hours

Epic Raid Boss Respawn Time:

Valakas 264h +-4h, Antharas 192h +-3h Baium 120h +-3h, Zaken 48h +-2h Frintezza 48h +-3h, Ant Queen 36h +-2h Core 36h +-2h, Orfen 36h +-2h Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Nobless Boss) 5 hours +-15 min random

Server Commands:

.Help .expon .expoff .time .offline

Other Useful Information:

1st 2nd 3d Class & SubClass is Free, Auto Learn Skills, Monthly Olympiad Protected, PvP & PK System With Reward - IP Protected

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